Terms of business for Snagyourhome®

Terms of business for Snagyourhome® standard service.

  1. Snagyourhome® is a registered trademark of Pete Cole.
  2. The Snagyourhome® standard service is what these terms of business refer to.
  3. Snagyourhome® is a visual non-intrusive inspection of quality on a new build or recently completed construction project
    inside and out.
  4. Snagyourhome® does not provide any certification or sign off of installed building services systems or design i.e. any
    alarm, mechanical, electrical, carbon monoxide, fire or smoke suppression or control systems. Visual inspection only.
  5. Inspection of inside cavity walls or underground drainage components are not included in our standard Snagyourhome®
  6. Payment for this service is through our website. Cleared funds secures the booking on the proposed date.
  7. Payment amount will be per product.
  8. The agreed date is the date of any inspection(s).
  9. The service will be carried out on the agreed date and if the inspection cannot be completed on that date a further date
    of inspection will be agreed to complete the works at no extra cost.
  10. The report will be sent by email not later than 15 working days from completion of inspection work.
  11. Full and unfettered access must be available to all areas of the property during the inspection(s). Areas inaccessible will
    not be surveyed.
  12. Snagyourhome® will not carry out any soil tests or look at ground contamination radon or other gases or ground heave.
  13. Snagyourhome® will make observations on fire stopping measures where access and conditions allow but cannot
    guarantee any checks for the same will be included in any Snagyourhome® survey and will not retrospectively inspect and
    sign off remedial fire stopping measures or any other fire safety measures to say they are correctly installed.
  14.  Snagyourhome® standard service does not include building thermography.
  15. Snagyourhome® standard service will only check elements of BS 5534 where access and conditions allow and cannot
    guarantee any checks for the same will be included in any Snagyourhome® survey.
  16. Roofs: all inspections will be carried out from ground or accessible loft area using visual and image recording methods.
    These will not be carried out from height. Some low level inspections i.e. first floor roofs will be carried out where
    accessible and safe to do so.
  17. Snagyourhome® cannot carry out glass inspection due to varying levels of cleanliness and prior activity.
  18. Snagyourhome® may identify visible structural issues but is not a structural survey.
  19. Pete Cole Consulting accepts no liability for damage to a property.
  20. Pete Cole Consulting will retain data on its clients or properties. It will be stored in a GDPR compliant manner. Signature
    of these terms is acceptance of opt in. Policy available on website.
  21. Snagyourhome® inspections will only be carried out with safe social distancing measures in place in accordance with
    government guidance due to the COVID-19 pandemic if required at that time.
  22. A Snagyourhome® report is not an expert witness report and is not court compliant.
  23. If access to the property or site is revoked at any time before the inspection is complete a re-visit fee will be charged.
  24. All refunds carry a 30% handling fee.
  25. A Snagyourhome® report is strictly private and confidential for use by our Client. Whilst it may be shown to their
    professional advisors, the contents are not to be disclosed to or made use of by any other party without our express
    written consent. Without such consent we cannot accept any liability to any other party.